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Funeral & Cremation Services in St. Petersburg, Florida

Urn - Cremation Services in St. Petersburg, FL
Casket - Cremation Services in St. Petersburg, FL
Casket - Cremation Services in St. Petersburg, FL
Our mortuary in St. Petersburg, Florida, provides you with a variety of options in funeral and cremation services.
In your hour of need, we serve as a guiding light that clarifies the choices, and allows you to plan a service that befits your dearly departed. For compassionate, personalized service, contact R. Lee Williams & Son Funeral Home & Crematory at (727) 258-2667.


We believe in the traditional funeral because it best serves the needs of family and friends. The traditional service is a meaningful expression for the family, and it gives friends and associates an opportunity to offer their tributes.


Direct Burial

In this option, the body is buried shortly after death, usually in a simple container. No viewing or visitation is involved, so no embalming is necessary. Direct burial usually costs less than the "traditional," full-service funeral.


Embalming Policy

Florida law does not require embalming, however, embalming will be necessary if you select certain funeral arrangements. If you do not want embalming, you can choose arrangements that do not require it.



Many people feel that ceremonies and the actual cremation process should be held at different sites. Because of this, our crematory is close but not located on the same property as our funeral home. We also have a small chapel at our cremation facility that may be used for ceremonies or viewings.


Memorial Service

R. Lee Williams & Son Funeral Home & Crematory also helps you plan a memorial service. This is the same as a traditional service, except the body is not present for the visitation or the funeral.


Graveside Service

This option is designed for those who want a ground burial or interment of remains with a service only at the cemetery. Itemized options may be selected at the family's discretion.


Veteran Funeral Services

This graveside service includes military US Flag Presentation and a 21 gun salute. Our local Veterans Association will provide an honorable military presence.

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